At iCards Direct, we offer a wide variety of cards that increase both customer loyalty and average customer spend. Scroll down now to see the card solutions we have to offer.


When a gift card is designed to match the company's logo and brand, it works as a marketing tool in the customer’s pocket and can act as an incentive to buy, for both new and existing customers.


A gift card encourages brand loyalty and footfall in store or online and research shows that once customers start shopping, they will purchase significantly more than the value of the  gift card, helping to drive revenues.

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Whether creating a programme for employees or customers, loyalty is a component part of any business and will help drive sales and repeat spend.

An effective loyalty programme increases commitment to the brand while at the same time enables the capture of valuable customer data. As well as being able to track customer interactions, buying behaviour can be influenced, helping to increase sales and customer satisfaction.

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Key tags are perfect for discount or loyalty schemes and can be personalised to collect data from customers. A little tag can contain lots of information, so that it can be used to either verify or collect data, depending on specific business needs. Featured barcodes can be used to reward regular customers and understand buyer behaviour, helping to plan future marketing efforts.

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In a world where security is paramount, an I.D. card helps to identify and record employees, contractors and visitors.

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Membership cards are a physical reminder to members that they are a part of something big – your organisation!

A high quality plastic membership card not only characterises your organisation as a group that is valuable and worth joining, but also gives your members a sense of belonging and exclusivity.

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Snap-off cards help to drive reward and loyalty marketing initiatives. Cards with integrated key-tags double the impact, giving customers the convenience of two cards,  one for the wallet and one for the keyring, which means they are more likely to remember it and use it! Build brand awareness, understand customer buying behaviour and increase footfall.

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Plastic hotel key cards are durable, practical and can be easily kept in a wallet or purse, while at the same time offering a great opportunity for brand awareness.

Key cards often include a company name and logo within the design, but remember that they can also provide an advertising platform to highlight other services, such as dining, leisure or spa facilities.



An event pass can help ensure that an event or conference is well organised and successful, providing attendees with authorisation identification and a secure way to enter the event.


A well designed event pass will often be treasured as a reminder long after the event and so becomes another great tool for brand awareness or sponsorships.